Soil + Water = Success

The creation of beautiful gardens – What We Do 

One of the first things to begin with is to contact our professionals at Queen Beez.

Susan Martin’s experienced artistic eye for colour and form will transform your green space with our services in design + installation.

Our meticulous attention to standards and best practices for property maintenance sustain your investments.

Irrigation or not, water is what keeps any living garden alive.

All new plants require regular watering for the initial 3-4 month growth.

Even the most drought tolerant plants (rooftops, Xeriscapes) or ‘low maintenance perennials’

require access to water.  There exists no such garden labeled as “zero maintenance”

What is your dream garden in the city?  Design with Susan at Queen Beez !

We Design and maintain our work for all types of residential gardens.

If you have a “heritage garden” that needs updating, we can help.

Do you wish to start from scratch?  Have a “new-built” that must be finished?

Buzz us today to get started on your landscape project.  We provide drawings and support

materials to bring your vision to life and style.

Queen Beez offers customized maintenance programs to residents that will enhance and sustain

your garden’s curb-appeal long after its installed and completed.

We are GRP accredited 

Susan Martin is the owner and landscape designer for Queen Beez Garden Design.

As a GRP accredited gardener; we have the professional standards required to properly maintain rooftop gardens!

We understand the variables and the absolutes to maintaining all types of roof plantings from extensive to intensive.

Susan and her knowledgable staff at Queen Beez have 5 years experience with maintaining rooftop gardens

for residential clients.  We can recommend the best yearly maintenance program for your specific needs.

Susan Martin , owner of Queen Beez is GRP accredited as a Landscape Designer.  We continuously upgrade our knowledge to comply with the latest standards and codes. We inform our staff regularly and follow the standards and guidelines of Canadian Association of Landscape Architects and Ontario Landscape Standards to bring the best quality of service to our trusted cliental.

BUZZ … Queen Beez Garden Design for your green roof maintenance or backyard renewals

ADVICE OF THE MONTH:  Irrigation is easy to use and install….  Buzz Queen Beez Today!