Green Roofs

Low Perennials

Sedum + Moss

GREEN ROOFS and living walls serve several purposes for our environment and dwellings in Canada and beyond. Installing a green roof is not a new engineering feat, but the benefits green buildings have on our direct environment are always significant.
A green roof designed well may have plants with the ability to clean “grey water”(dirty storm water) or, retain rainwater for the plants, and most of all create a cool island effect-the cooling effect of plants, much like a forest, and very beneficial in a city. These many benefits also provide and create a habitat for birds, hawks butterfly and yes, worms to name a few…

But for most of us humans, plants offer us an enchanted, calming environment. A place to recharge. Admire Art. The great benefits of indoor living walls are numerous… depending on the installation and design; but all of them have this ability to dampen the echo chambers inside large working environments (or assembly halls) with the added affects of filtering the air while providing a green space to admire.  A successful example of this would be the living wall design at CORUS ENTERTAINMENT, a favorite site indeed!  Its right next door to the famous “Sugar Beach”…

The idea of Green Roof Design and its creative potential is almost limitless… given the type of dwelling being constructed upon, and not limited to only flat roofs; planting atop for residential interest has increased exponentially in recent years, with Toronto leading the way in the Green Roof industry.  Currently, Toronto has a growing number of affordable solutions to get more people easier access to going green on the roof.

A successful planting on the roof or wall begins with careful planning and a visit
with your local green architect and GRP accredited Landscape designer.