Vivariums in the Hive of Winter!

living room style, gumball classic, the dome

Something Fun! Its been the best winter for snow in years...and skiing couldn't be better! But the trails are not always open, and work is never done, so in-between fun and work, you must have "play"! Now, as busy Gardeners, who adore plants in all their settings, even in winter, not all houseplants are created equal as you know. Some need more pampering than others...some require sunlight - but if you live under a Canadian Winter, sun can prove to be scarce... One our favourite indoor projects remains a Victorian craft, Vivariums in the style of Edwardian Terrariums! Terrariums are generally credited with being invented by a man named Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. He invented them during the Victorian era and created a style of glass case with a metal frame that was very popular … [Read more...]