High Park Resident: "Love this Garden Company!  Susan's Design and landscape crew had my best interests at heart when I asked for a modern approach to the gardens. Something very low maintenance...Its better than I ever anticipated!" "Green Glove Service" An open letter from Maureen to Su, Landscape Designer and owner of Queen Beez Dear Su, "There simply are not enough superlatives to describe your service, commitment and expertise. When I retained you as a Landscape Artist, my front and rear garden had been neglected for several years. You have patiently and expertly designed 10 individual garden areas which have exceeded my expectations. I have been approached by the 'Leaside Garden Society' to see if I could put it on the tour this summer! One of … [Read more...]

Soil + Water = Success

a watered garden

The creation of beautiful gardens - What We Do  One of the first things to begin with is to contact our professionals at Queen Beez. Susan Martin's experienced artistic eye for colour and form will transform your green space with our services in design + installation. Our meticulous attention to standards and best practices for property maintenance sustain your investments. Irrigation or not, water is what keeps any living garden alive. All new plants require regular watering for the initial 3-4 month growth. Even the most drought tolerant plants (rooftops, Xeriscapes) or 'low maintenance perennials' require access to water.  There exists no such garden labeled as "zero maintenance" What is your dream garden in the city?  Design with Susan at Queen Beez ! We … [Read more...]

Vivariums in the Hive of Winter!

living room style, gumball classic, the dome

Something Fun! Its been the best winter for snow in years...and skiing couldn't be better! But the trails are not always open, and work is never done, so in-between fun and work, you must have "play"! Now, as busy Gardeners, who adore plants in all their settings, even in winter, not all houseplants are created equal as you know. Some need more pampering than others...some require sunlight - but if you live under a Canadian Winter, sun can prove to be scarce... One our favourite indoor projects remains a Victorian craft, Vivariums in the style of Edwardian Terrariums! Terrariums are generally credited with being invented by a man named Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. He invented them during the Victorian era and created a style of glass case with a metal frame that was very popular … [Read more...]

Green Roofs

Low Perennials

GREEN ROOFS and living walls serve several purposes for our environment and dwellings in Canada and beyond. Installing a green roof is not a new engineering feat, but the benefits green buildings have on our wellbeing are always significant. A green roof designed well offers an abundance of benefits. Projects involving perennials with the ability to clean "grey water"(dirty storm water) or, retain rainwater for the plants, are contributing to a cooling of what is referred to as the Heat Island effect. This cooling effect from plants, much like a forest, provide a beneficial energy conservation for the buildings they are installed on.  Creating a habitat for birds, hawks butterfly and worms will offer our ever growing urban centres a balance against the concrete. Plants offer us an … [Read more...]